By Dougal Dixon, Neil Clark, William Lindsay, Sue Grabham

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LOWER JAW OF ALBERTOSAURUS MEATY DIET Tyrannosaurus rex was perhaps the fiercest carnivore. With its powerful body and massive head, it overwhelmed victims, delivering a fatal, biting blow with its deadly jaws. DINOSAUR LIFESTYLES Sharp, serrated teeth lined the long jaws. Small hands could tear food apart 47 Herbivores Plant-eating dinosaurs had to eat large amounts of plants every day to fuel their bodies. An herbivore’s special diet needed special ways of eating and digesting food. Some herbivores’ teeth were shaped for chopping, raking, or crushing.

The skin of crocodiles and other reptiles is also waterproof, keeping body moisture in but water out. 44 Bony nodule Crocodile skin in close-up Nodules were ridged in the middle. NODULES AND SPIKES Euoplocephalus had bony nodules set into its leathery skin. Pointed spikes across the shoulders gave added protection. Shoulder spike WRAPPED IN SKIN In rare cases, a dinosaur’s dead body dried and shrivelled instead of rotting away. This Edmontosaurus fossil has the skin impression preserved and wrapped around the skeleton.

Huge IGUANODON herbivorous dinosaurs, such as FOOT BONE Diplodocus, walked on all fours with front and rear legs supporting bulky bodies. Most carnivores, such as Albertosaurus, walked on the two back legs, leaving the front limbs free for catching and holding prey. Long, slender arms Fingers have 8 in (26 cm) claws 38 Femur (thigh bone) MYSTERIOUS DINOSAUR Almost all that is known of Deinocheirus is this huge pair of arms and hands. 4 m) long. It is thought that Deinocheirus belonged to a group of dinosaurs called ornithomimosaurs.

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