By Wiper M., Wilson S.

Listed here, we outline a version for fault detection throughout the beta checking out section of a software program layout undertaking. Given sampled facts, we illustrate the way to estimate the failure fee and the variety of faults within the software program utilizing Bayesian statistical equipment with a variety of diversified previous distributions. Secondly, given an appropriate rate functionality, we additionally express how one can optimise the length of another attempt interval for every one of many earlier distribution buildings thought of.

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A) Prove that Sn has a density of the form fSn (s) = Kn (s) n (s) s 0 42 EXCHANGEABILITY AND SUBJECTIVE PROBABILITY where the function Kn does not depend on n . , exponentially distributed, if and only the distribution of Sn is gamma with parameters n and for some > 0: fSn (s) / sn;1 expf; sg s 0 and derive that n;1 Kn (s) = (ns ; 1)! , exponentially distributed. d) In terms of the function n , write the conditional density of Xn , given fX1 = x1 ::: Xn;1 = xn;1 g. 65. Let (Y1 ::: Yn ) a vector of non-negative random variables with a (non-exchangeable) joint density fY .

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