By R. M. W. Dixon

The folk who stay within the Boumaa sector of the Fijian island of Taveuni converse a dialect of Fijian that's jointly intelligible with normal Fijian, the 2 differing as a lot possibly as do the yank and British kinds of English. in the course of 1985, R. M. W. Dixon—one of the main insightful of linguists engaged in descriptive reviews today—lived within the village of Waitabu and studied the language spoken there. He present in Boumaa Fijian a wealth of awesome gains unknown in generally studied languages and at the foundation of his fieldwork ready this grammar.Fijian is an agglutinating language, one within which phrases are shaped through the profligate combining of morphemes. There aren't any case inflections, and stressful and point as proven by means of self reliant clitics or phrases inside of a predicate advanced. such a lot verbs are available in either transitive and intransitive kinds, and nouns may be increase on a regular basis from verbal components and verbs from nouns. The language can also be marked by way of a hugely built pronoun process and through a vocabulary wealthy in components of social significance.In the hole chapters, Dixon describes the Islands' political, social, and linguistic association, outlines the details of Fijian phonology, and provides an outline of the grammar. In succeeding chapters, he examines a couple of grammatical subject matters in higher aspect, together with clause and word constitution, verbal syntax, deictics, and anaphora. the amount additionally contains a complete vocabulary of all types taken care of in dialogue and 3 of the fifteen texts recorded from monolingual village elders on which the grammar relies.

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Org Across 5 will foresee 8 underline, underscore 9 will react 10 had warned, had notified 11 will appear, will emerge 12 will abdicate 14 will bring, will fetch 17 happen, occur, become 20 forget 22 had hidden, had concealed, had stashed 23 had saved 24 will manufacture, will fabricate 26 thank 27 will accomplish, will achieve, will fulfill 28 clean, cleanse, wipe Down 1 had infected 2 will accentuate 3 will abandon, will forsake, will quit 4 will execute 5 had prepared 6 wait, hope, await 7 had added 13 15 16 18 19 21 had defined had gnawed had gnawed invite hide, conceal had calculated, had reckoned 24 smoke, to smoke, fume 25 think Solutions: abandonará, abdicará, acentuará, aconteça, adicionara, agradecemos, aparecerá, avisara, calculara, convidais, definira, escondera, esperai, esquecei, executará, fabricará, fumar, infectara, limpais, ocultem, pensam, preparara, preverá, reagirá, realizará, roera, salvara, sublinhais, trarão.

Org 46 Puzzle #42: Level 3 - A Bit Tough 1 2 3 4 6 8 5 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 © Philip M. org Across 2 will thank 7 would apply 8 will minimize 10 would accept 11 had explained, had clarified 13 would grow 14 had left, had departed 16 will admire, will amaze 17 will serve 20 had aborted, had miscarried 24 would reduce, would curtail, would lessen 25 had waited, had hoped, had awaited 26 would underline, would underscore 27 would use 28 would pay Down 1 had isolated, had insulated, had secluded 3 would exist 4 will paralyze, will shrivel 5 would believe 6 will forget 9 would analyze 12 had thought 15 had cleaned, had cleansed, had wiped 16 had advised 17 would suppose, would presume 18 would recognize, would acknowledge, would concede 19 will invite 21 would translate 22 would fall 23 would accelerate, would hasten, would quicken Solutions: abortáreis, aceitariam, acelerariam, aconselháreis, admiraremos, agradecerás, analisariam, aplicaria, cairíeis, convidaremos, creriam, cresceriam, esperáreis, esquecereis, existiria, explicáreis, isoláreis, limpáreis, minimizaremos, pagariam, paralisarão, partíramos, pensáreis, reconheceriam, reduziriam, servirá, sublinhariam, suporíamos, traduziriam, usaríamos.

28 words). org 30 Puzzle #26: Level 3 - Easy 1 2 3 6 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 16 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 © Philip M. org Across 1 will carry 4 traveling 6 will teach 7 would win, would earn 9 would arrive 10 had had 11 would sell, would vend 12 show 13 would close, would occlude 15 would indicate, would betoken, would designate 17 would believe, would accredit 21 live 24 know 25 stay, recline 26 would send, would transmit 27 would listen 28 would learn 29 will sew Down 2 had breathed, had respired 3 play 5 will absorb, will engross, will imbibe 8 would avoid, would eschew, would avert 12 would modify 14 sing 16 would choose, would select 18 sleep 19 would finish 20 would put, would locate 22 cough, hack, to hack 23 pocket Solutions: absorverás, acabaríeis, acreditarias, aprenderíamos, bolso, cantam, chegaríeis, colocarias, conheço, coserás, dormi, ensinarás, enviarias, escolheríeis, escutaríeis, evitaríeis, fecharíeis, ficais, ganharias, indicaríeis, joguem, levarás, modificaríeis, mostram, respiraras, tiveras, tossir, venderias, viajando, vivemos.

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