By Robert Marshall

The tale of mystery provider treachery within the moment international warfare. It describes how the pinnacle of MI6, piqued by way of Chruchill's establishing of SOE as a rival sabotage and intelligence association, devised a catch, utilizing a double agent, Henri Dericourt, to wreck the entire of SOE's intelligence community in France. for this reason approximately 1,000 women and men have been arrested, enormous quantities of whom died in focus camps.

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Up to September 1939 the Z man in Holland, Sigismund Payne Best, had operated with complete anonymity beside the PCO man, Major Richard Stevens. MI6 had no reliable evidence that the PCO network was any more secure in 1939 than it had been in 1936, so the decision to open the curtains was an odd one. Dansey’s orders were for Stevens to supply Best with finance and communications facilities with London. This link inevitably compromised all MI6’s operations in Europe. The German military intelligence organization, the Abwehr, had identified a succession of MI6 station chiefs in Holland.

From the outside, the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo appeared identical. In fact the SD was far more ruthless and effective. It had begun life as the security section of Himmler’s SS, with the responsibility for ensuring that no political influence, other than National Socialism, established a presence in the new Reich. During the early Thirties it was concerned with the business of monitoring the mood and thoughts of the population, which it did by controlling an army of informers from the countryside to the universities, and processing a vast archive of secret information on millions of German citizens.

Admiral Hugh Sinclair, ‘C’, died on 4 November. Claude Dansey dropped everything and returned to London to declare his candidacy for the new head of MI6. His main rivals were Stewart Menzies and Rear Admiral Godfrey, the Director of Naval Intelligence. But on this occasion both the Navy and Dansey were out-manoeuvred when Menzies produced a sealed envelope containing a letter from Sinclair which recommended his deputy for the post. Dansey quickly appreciated that his own cause was lost and threw his support behind Menzies.

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